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Greetings Foolish Mortals...

Rick "DIENZO" Blanco

... is an artist whose collection of dark little characters are meant to intrigue, entice and perhaps cause a bit of anxiety. While his experience in commercial art as an award-winning designer spans nearly 30 years, his love of fine art has existed since he was old enough to hold a pencil. His style is greatly influenced by his work in entertainment having served as a lead creative for companies such as Disney, Mattel, Cartoon Network and Xbox. But his true passion is derived from a love of Halloween, horror movies, femme fatales and all things macabre.


While well versed in digital software, his art is created traditionally using acrylic or oil on canvas or wood panels. "I prefer the tactile quality of creating art from an analog space. There is no 'undo' button so the stakes are higher and the impact of technique, material and even weather conditions is critical to each piece."


Dienzo received his bachelor’s degree in graphic design and an executive MBA from Loyola Marymount University. Having established a body of work and a client base with Cuban themed neo-expressionism under the name of “Rick Blanco,” the pseudonym “Dienzo” was chosen to differentiate his current work from the previous style. It is a hybrid of his sons’ names (Diego & Lorenzo) and is meant to preserve the wide-eyed naiveté of childhood while creating a legacy for his own sons. 

Dienzo recently relocated to Peoria, Illinois where he tools around in a spooky old home, crafting creepy new creations.

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